The Amazing Jewelweed Story

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For years I have spent time in the woods photographing wild medicinal plants for my educational herbal web site, Alternative Nature Online Herbal, where I teach about medicinal uses of a variety of wild plants. Early on, I found out it is is impossible to take close up flower pictures in the woods without coming in contact with Poison Ivy.

From necessity and frustration with constant rashes and chigger bites, I sought a solution and learned about the miraculous plant Jewelweed (a humble common plant of the creekbeds in Eastern North America) from Tennessee wildcrafter Stanley Flynt. Finding the plant very effective at not only calming itch and speeding healing of poison ivy and oak rash, as well as bug bites; I also discovered that a soap made from the plant would keep me from getting rashes when I used it after being outdoors! I shared my soap with friends and family, and after seeing how well it worked I decided to share it with the world on my web site.

I strive to give the best customer service, and treat you with the personal service you can only get from a small business. If Amazing Jewelweed Remedies don't ease your itching and speed healing of your rash, your money will be cheerfully refunded. Orders are almost always shipped same day when received by Noon CST weekdays during Spring and Summer. Holidays excluded. 

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