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5 oz. Soothing Amazing Jewelweed Soap for Poison Ivy and Oak Rash
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Customers report that gentle Amazing Jewelweed Soap eases irritations and helps keep skin clear. Many say that when they use Amazing Jewelweed soap the same day of exposure to irritants, they don't break out at all!

If you want bulk Jewelweed soap without the plastic containers, please email me

Use - Lather, rinse, repeat. Do not break skin or blisters. Leave second application on 30 - 60 seconds before rinsing. Pat dry and follow with Jewelweed salve or spray. Mild rashes usually respond to soap alone, but salve or spray is recommended for fast results.

Can be used as your daily bath soap for clear skin. Get a second bar to keep at your hand washing sink and automatically save $1.90 on two bar purchase.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If you don't like this soap, your money will be cheerfully refunded. Refund requests must be submitted within 45 days of purchase.

This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition.

Orders almost always ship same day when ordered by 2 PM CST weekdays and arrive in 2-3 days from Tennessee when you choose Priority Mail.

Feel free to call or text me at 931 237 0690 if you want assurance that your order is being shipped same day, or when it will arrive.

Your satisfaction is my priority. Your support of Alternative Nature Online Herbal is much appreciated. Please visit to learn more about medicinal plants that grow all around you. Thank you!

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Barb Gagnon
- 6/4/2014
5 product stars

I used this soap on posin oak by the next day I could see the healing taking place . This is better than what the doctors use. I will never use anything else. I have not tried the salve but I will order some. Thank you so much.

Belinda Ischy
- 3/9/2016
5 product stars

this is the only thing that will dry up my poison ivy and oak. I make a paste and leave it on all day and night. It dries it up quickly. I recommend it to all my friends that are allergic. And usually give them a bar. I have been using this soap for 11 years.

Cathy Wright
- 5/22/2017
5 product stars

I discovered Jewelweed soap several years ago and found it work wonderfully. Earlier this year, my husband broke out with poison ivy and I ordered a new bar for him. Yesterday, we were in a store and he was looking for some itch relief for chiggers (didn't think to use the soap we had on hand), there was young lady and her husband looking for something for poison ivy. She had it BAD, all over both arms. I was in another part of the store and my husband brought her to me and told me she needed "that soap". She told me she had already had two cortisone shots with no relief. I told her if she wanted to follow me to my house I would give her some - so they did! As i began to wash her arms with it, she sighed as she felt the relief. I sent her home with a small piece and so grateful to pass on the website info, etc. to someone who was truly in need! Ordering extras to keep on hand in Texas!

- 5/28/2017
5 product stars

I ordered this soap several years ago and use it every time I am done gardening and weeding, especially in the Spring when I am never sure what I am pulling up. We have poison ivy growing all over our yard and it is really hard to avoid it. This soap has lasted and lasted and I just love it! It really does work. I thought about making my own since we do have Jewelweed growing in our yard too but it just doesn't make sense to go to all the trouble when I can buy this product affordably. I am ordering a new bar for me and several others for our sons and friends.

cindy Troyer
- 4/11/2016
5 product stars

This has worked for me with nettles as well as poison ivy. (which I swear I get by looking at a picture) I've also used it on my daughters shingles and it seem to help the itch and pain some what. I use the soap all year for dry skin and I sure feel better

- 7/11/2015
5 product stars

I got poison ivy every year, worse and worse and tried all the over the counter and home remedies. When I discovered this website, I was excited to try something that was natural and might relieve some of the misery. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did it really speed healing and the breakouts once I got poison ivy, but I can use it after possibly exposures to prevent breakouts. I've told many family and friends about this wonderful product. Thanks!!!

Penny Placke
- 4/22/2016
5 product stars

My son is severely allergic to poison ivy. When he was young he would get poison ivy and we tried over the counters, special ordered products by the pharmacist, and even prescription meds. None worked. Then a friend told me about Jewelweed. It was the only thing that worked. My son is now in his mid 20s and he can feel a poison ivy attack coming on. He calls me and tells me to order the Jewelweed. We have been using it for almost 15 years and have not found anything that works as good for him.

- 7/27/2015
5 product stars

Very allergic since childhood even to hospital. Tried everything now exposed and wash with this soap haven't gotten PI for last few years. Got it once and washed with soap and discomfort disappeared. Have given it to friends and family. Keep my grandchildren safe always. Ordering more so I have a supply for nature walks, visits to Cape Cod and travel. Thank you so much. I'm not afraid to walk in nature any more.

Natalie Byrne
- 3/24/2016
5 product stars

My son has had poison oak multiple times over the past two years. I wanted to treat it with something natural as opposed to the over the counter products laced with names I can't pronounce. After an extensive search, I found this amazing product. He has used this on multiple occasions and the poison oak always clears up quickly. Thank you for providing this wonderful product that has greatly helped my active son.

- 8/25/2016
4 product stars

i was using home remedies waiting for my soap. My skin had scabs due to its harshness and scratching. I lathered with Jewelweed and left it on for a couple minutes and my skin is soothed, finally! The itching returned only in a couple spots that i can wash today. Very pleased. I've used Tecnu and Zanfel, but not now! I'm ordering more bars to have on hand.
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4 oz. Amazing Jewelweed..
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