Amazing Jewelweed Kit for Poison Ivy, Oak and Itching
All products from AltNature Herbals come with satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Arrives in 2-4 days from Tennessee. 

Buy this combination to try all three products. Use Jewelweed soap to wash away irritating oils, then apply salve or spray. Customers report that regular use of Jewelweed soap prevents breakouts. Many people use Amazing Jewelweed soap daily for healthy skin all year round.

Use the spray or salve on affected areas after and between washings to ease itch and speed healing. Over 95% of users who expressed an opinion report itch relief within minutes and overnight improvement in rash.

This product is not approved by the FDA and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease.

Try all three Amazing Jewelweed Products and save. 4 oz. Jewelweed spray, Jumbo 5 oz. Jewelweed soap and 2 oz. Jewelweed salve. 

Buy 2 kits for $64.95 and get Free Shipping! Check out the coupons page to save even more!

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Amazing Jewelweed Remedies
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5 Stars
Jewelweed IS effective against Poison Ivy
Rick Stagers - 7/8/2015
I am a 54 year old who spends a lot of time outside. I have always been extremely allergic to poison ivy and typically have to get a steroid shot or pills to clear the rash. I ordered the Jewelweed Kit and recently tried it after once again finding myself with poison ivy. The soap, spray and salve have been effective at preventing the spreading and is drying the blisters before they get large and spread. I strongly recommend the product to anyone who suffers from the rash associated with poison ivy. RS
5 Stars
It is Amazing!
Cheryl Patrick - 7/18/2017
I have been ordering this product for several years now. Prior - I used to find jewel weed and grind it up to make a poultice for my son who was severely allergic to poison ivy/oak. We were so happy to find this product once we had internet. My son preferred it over steroid, and even called for it when he was in the military and had exposure. Now, I try to keep a supply on hand, plus extra. I have family call for it - One is a lineman who sometimes his buddies ask him about it. I always tell others about it. I have a great nephew who before he could talk would point to an "owie" and then later when getting here would scramble to me to ask for his "special salve" which he prefers for bug bites and any rash. You know it's a good product when a toddler wants it prior to even being able to verbalize! I try to always keep extra on hand.
5 Stars
amazing Jewell kit
sandra arsenault - 5/31/2016
This product works better then any pharmacy medication. 5 years ago I had a serve case of poison ivy and only thing that took care of it was Jewel. I used the amazing Jewelweed kit. In fact it work so well for me that my family used with the same results. I love this product!!!!!
5 Stars
Michelle - 10/6/2015
I absolutely will not live onthe east coast without this! It has completely cured poison ivy rash within 3 days and prevents spreading! Jewel weed is my FAVORITE plant! When I know I've been troming through poisin ivy, I wash with the soap first, then if any bumps show up they get the salve, or if they are really itchy already, I use the spray so I dont have to stimulate the itchiness by touching it (spreading on the salve). These products have saved my summer inthe mountains of NC where sister ivy (as we call her) flourishes! Thank you Thank you!!
5 Stars
This stuff works great!
Alan K - 8/14/2015
I bought this package about 4 years ago and still have the salve and spray left form that order, so it lasts a while! I get poison ivy a lot (even though i know what it looks like and usually when i'm going through it). I play discgolf and there is often poison ivy that i have to stick my hand around or put my leg in to play my shot legally when i play tournaments, so it's almost impossible for me to not get hit with it at some point during the summer months. The spray and salve work great if i do get a rash. It keeps it from itching and reduces the flare up while helping it heal quicker! If you don't have this stuff, get it!! Review
5 Stars
This stuff works!
Julia - 10/10/2015
My family has ordered this 3 times over the past 10 years. If we apply it as soon as we know we've been exposed, no poison ivy. If we apply it when the rash appears, it immediately goes away. If we are unable to apply immediately, (because we have run out) it soothes the itching and shortens the duration of the rash by at least 1/2, often by 3/4 of the usual two week period. We highly recommend this product.
5 Stars
Nothing Better than these products!
Aj Webb - 5/19/2016
I have been using this product for years and stand by it 100%. I keep double amounts for my family. We have a cottonwood tree in the backyard that I 1st came in contact with over 10 years ago and that's what led me to these products. We have kept them at home every since for all types of reasons...insect bites, skin rashes, you name it...we wash it with the Amazing Jewelweed soap then salve it or spray it. It clears up very fast. I recommend this to ANYONE out there that questions this product. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!
5 Stars
Amazing is the correct description
Patti Mason - 7/16/2015
My daughter got poison ivy for the first time while travelling this summer. She was still having problems with it when she arrived home; luckily, I was proactive and decided to order this spray and soap for her. She used the spray only and got almost instant results. No more itching and the poison ivy rash dried up. She took the spray with her on her next trip just in case. I am so impressed with this product that I ordered the kit this time for my son so that he can also try the salve which I saw is recommended for fungus and athlete's foot. Great product, great customer service, fast shipping and a money back guarantee! You can't go wrong buying this product.
5 Stars
Amazing Product
Sandy - 7/1/2015
At the cottage my dogs run through the woods and bring back poison ivy oils on their fur that spread to me. I am constantly fighting poison ivy through out the summer and I find this product removes the oil from my skin much better than any other products I have tried. The salve also gives my skin instant relief from the itching. I would highly recommend this product and for me it is a great alternative to getting rid of my dogs!:)
5 Stars
Mary - 5/23/2017
My mother gets poison ivy every year and it is awful! She has even had her picture taken at the doctor because they had never seen such a bad case! Last year we ordered your jewelweed spray with the soap and it was amazing- the poison ivy was gone in days! No weeping or spreading! I just got poison ivy and used the soap. GONE! Miraculous! Thank you so much!
5 Stars
This is THE BEST Jewelweed Spray & Soap
Janet - 7/4/2017
I have used this spray, soap and salve for years and it always helps. I've shared it with others, to help them. Last week I got a terrible poison ivy rash including on my face, and the soap and spray are a huge help to speed my healing. Thank you so much, Karen!
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