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2 oz Amazing Jewelweed Salve for Poison Ivy, Oak and Itching
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End itch within minutes and see results within a day! If you don't get relief and faster healing from anything that itches, burns, bites or stings - your money will be cheerfully refunded - including regular and Priority Mail shipping charges.

Amazing Jewelweed Salve is made to soothe itching from Poison Ivy, Poison Oak
 and other irritating rashes. As it is recommended that you wash completely with Amazing Jewelweed soap before first use, a free 0.75 oz. sample bar is included with each tin of salve. 

Bathe or shower with Amazing Jewelweed Soap to remove irritating oils. Salve may be applied as often as you like to help with itching and speed rash healing.

This product is not approved by the FDA and not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease.

Made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wildcrafted Jewelweed (Impatiens Capensis) and Organic Beeswax. Refrigerate for long-term storage. 

New deep tins are filled to the bottom of the new screw on lid. Many herbal product sellers use a 2 oz. stock tin, and say their product is two ounces, but those tins don't hold two ounces of salve! I've used 3 oz. containers for several years now to make sure you get the whole two ounces that you paid for!

Your satisfaction is my priority. Your support of Alternative Nature Online Herbal is much appreciated. Please visit to learn more about medicinal plants that grow all around you. Thank you!

Alternative Nature Enterprises, Cosmetic & Toiletry Preparations  Manufacturers, Cunningham, TN


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karen s.
- 7/26/2015
5 product stars

I bought this salve years ago and have shared it numerous times with co-workers who has wrestled with the ivy. It really works!! It's the ONLY thing that gave me relief. When I first got poison ivy, OTC products did nothing to relieve me. I ended up with a prescription, until I found this salve. I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone!!

- 8/31/2017
5 product stars

My husband had an oozing spot on his forehead and we had tried just about everything in the house and I friend brought some of this stuff to the house and his head was cleared within 48 hours!!! Totally amazing! It truly lives up to its name! ;)

Alicia S.
- 7/19/2015
5 product stars

Jewelweed salve and soap is all I ever use, the salve is great for bug bites and works wonders! I love this stuff :) Keep on the great work Karen!

- 6/7/2016
5 product stars

a friend recommended this product and it is absolutely wonderful. Great to support an excellent small operation.. Wonderful ...just great!

- 7/7/2016
5 product stars

We have been using this product for about five years. It is the best we have found to aid in relief of poison oak/ivy breakouts.

Marilyn Q
- 6/12/2016
5 product stars

I have tries many products for myself and my grandchildren. We all get poison ivy and sometimes Poison sumac. This is the only product that works for us. I put the grandkids in the shower, soap them up, turn off the water and they sing the happy birthday song 3 times then I rinse them off. Great stuff. Thank you!
5 oz. Soothing Amazing ..

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